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October 15, 2009

I will be in Cuba from 25th October until 6th of November 2009.


September 23, 2009

A different Sheriff and Susanne arrived from the Bronze caster (Germany)


At first hundreds of these birds circled below the rain clouds and then settled on the roof with loud chirpings, they stayed a couple of days, I watch birds sailing, and clouds changing from swimming in the pool; and need someone to explain it all to me.


The birds settling on the roof



These flowers grow of the bank of the little river in the ravine, the plant makes a spiral and at the end grows this flower

Above my house, on top of the actual Mount Irvine Hill, stands a Silkcotton tree, where the spirits live, in Cuba it is called "Ceiba", and belongs to the earth gods.

New yam has taken over part of the slope. Last year, all of a sudden, a lot of leaves were eaten by bachacs ( ant), and then all shriveled up to brown, and I thought an airoplane had dropped kerosene.

Ryan told me they are ready to come out, but shortly afterwards someone had dug big holes everywhere and taken out the yam.

Why did he not plant back? And then Ryan showed me all those little tiny yams, like pebbles, lying around all over the place.

This fabulous Samaan tree stands on the golfcourse where I pass underneath everyday with my dogs, and I look up into its vast crown, and wonder about all art being done in the lofts of N.Y.

September 11, 2009

Moses, who brings all the wood for me, came on Sunday to cut the Samaan lengthwise, as Ryan and I were not able to move it, I took off the sap, but it was still too heavy.

I know what I am going to make subjectwise but have no idea of how it will look.

New baghee plants growing  in the front, which I cook for the dogs and myself.

August /September 2009


August 28 2009


September 11  2009


July 31  2009

La Trova, the traditional place for son music, Limonta the designer sitting on the right.
I was in Cuba for a week, finalizing the interview for our forthcoming book 7 sculptors for the exhibition
on 3rd of November in La Galeria UNEAC in Santiago de Cuba


July 1  2009

2009- June - Luise's Religious Reliefs on loan to the the
Anglican Church of Transfiguration, Black Rock, Tobago



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