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June 10   2009

At left: Tony Cragg

During my recent visit to Germany my sister Ilse and I visited Tony Cragg's Sculpture Park "Waldfrieden" in Wuppertal Germany, and Tony, very wonderfully, took us around explaining his fantastically made sculptures.

He built a big glass Box as an international exhibition hall for sculpture on top of one of the hills.

The whole Park with the Café and shop and exhibition Cristal Box, is wonderful and stays in our mind.

The Cragg Foundation has renovated an anthroposophic villa by Franz Krause (1946) and created an exhibiton centre for showing sculpture outside and inside the building

Tony Cragg sculpture with Ilse

In this Cragg Sculpture you may detect some faces, is it a kiss? There are heads and profiles
in this sculpture by Tony Cragg


The Barn in Kronenburg Eifel the work of my collegue and helper Juergen (right back ground) May 09



May 16, 2009
I completed Oya

Oya, Wife of Shango- Mahogany 160 cm h



May 15, 2009

Ryan, my gardener, pulling from the street a huge Samaan tree, which they brought me  from the Golfcourse. Nobody could do that alone, but Ryan who is determined and loves hard tasks. I did not want to make any big sculpture again, but when I saw that tree lying down, I just had to have it, and from the desire, amazingly here is the tree. I wonder what it could be.

May 4, 2009

I will be in Germany from 18th until 30th of May. Working on oak in Kronenburg, Eifel some days, visiting friends in Hamburg, Bremen and Duesseldorf, organising shipment of big  bronze casts and rough wood sculptures to Tobago.

April 22, 2009

Luise Kimme Sculpture  at the Waterfront Park - 5th Summit of the Americas, 17 - 19 April 2009 .Sculpture shown with and without flower decoration around base.


March 4, 2009

4th of March, lunch at Hotel San Juan, with the sculptors with whom I am going to exhibit in November in Santiago de Cuba

from left, Berengues, Julio Carmenate, Tamayo Zomora, Montero, Luise, Xiomara, Duniesky, and driver Jorge

I was introduced to Xiomara Gutiérrez Valera and the Taller Cultural by ceramicist Lewis Belgrove (see Cuban Art- page 3), after I saw his work and Lescay's  (see Cuban Art- page 1) work in an exhibition, which enthused me enormously.
And then slowly, very slowly, I began to make very tiny clay sculptures, based on Greek Mythology. 
I came to the Taller three times a year, and the sculptures grew a little taller, with the help and encouragement of Montero and Julio. Then Duniesky appeared and later Isidro, and they showed  me how to work in wax with all its infinite possibilities.

I also did some work at the Fundación Caguayo with El Chino, surrounded by huge heads, hands, casts and molds and monumental sculpture by Lescay. I now work with Duniesky, who is forever enthusiastic, encouraging and his creativity is astounding. I watch Xiomara's wonderful ceramic sculptures, Berengue's wild creations and Tamayo's beautiful paintings. And now it is a tremendous honour to show with these sculptors of the Taller Cultural, whom I admire. To work among these artists makes me feel to be in the centre of the world of art and particularly the world of sculpture.


Fauno con cinta - bronze


Dunieski (left) and René, putting on the wax connections for lost wax casting

Wax for bronze

February 23, 2009

I will be in Cuba from the 2nd until the 15th of March.

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