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February 19, 2009

"Grand Lady of Calypso, Calypso Rose", was filmed in my house on Monday the 16h of Feb.  I made a sculpture of her  in 1988 and looked for her on every occasion in Trinidad. Having her now actually in my studio was an overwhelming experience. She will place the bronze statue of her in Tobago, she said. Thank you Rose.


February 2, 2009
Luise is back in Tobago.

Bronze Falcon- Dieter Finke



Dieter Finke and I at the opening of his Exhibition in Leipzig.
In the background Dr. Viola Stephan, documentary film-maker, and friend of mine.

Dieter Finke
Bronze Wolf

Dieter Finke
Bronze Raven and Painting

January 19, 2009
On Wed. 21st of Jan. I fly to London-Berlin where on the 23 of Jan. Dieter Finke, wonderful sculptor, friend and collegue from student days at HFBK Berlin has his first German Museum Show in Leipzig. I was invited to attend by the organisers.

Back in Tobago on the 28th of Jan.



December  15th, 2008

I have returned from my trip to Nigeria and the Sacred Groves in Oshogbo, where I visited with Susanne Wenger.

Chris ApplebyOn my way to Nigeria I stayed over in London where I met with Chris Appleby, one of my favourite painters, whom I have not seen since 1972, when I was teaching at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, where he was a student. I visited his studio in London, and admired his work on Lillith and the detective..

Lillith giving birth to the detective














At left
Susanne Wenger and I in her house in Oshobgo, Dec. 8th 2008.

Susanne Wenger: wrote: " Nowadays we are sending signals from horizon to horizon, to those who have been born into totally different destinies. Between us lies the rubble of destroyed cathedrals, we must allow Evil as well as the indestructible values to decay and so to become fertile again. There lies the vitality of  A. - and mine as well."

(Adunni, a portrait of Susanne Wenger)


Susanne Wenger died January 12, 2009

Susanne Wenger  and Luise Kimme. (NB. Susanne Wenger is wearing a dress made of Adire batik)

Susanne Wenger, 93 years old, from Austria, has created the holy shrines for the Yoruba Orishas on the ruins of old ones. She is an Olorisha, a priestess. She was sent to do the shrines. Her inspiration came from the river the trees and the clouds, the ancient preachers. The flowing forms of her shrines go back into the earth and partly grow into the clouds. Heaven and earth mirrors in these cement and clay forms.

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