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Cuba, Nov. 08

The sculpto, Duniesky, is back and helped me during our 8 hour daily work. He made armatures, put on clay, I made the sculpture without arms and any embellishment. he cast the piece in gauze plaster, a really thin mould, and painted 3 mm of wax into the mould. I then received the hollow wax sculpture and the work began with details: arms etc. And always Duniesky enhanced on the decorations, fantastic; we made 8 new sculptures. The last one he had to finish, I ran from the hurricane (Paloma), took the night express 12 hours to Havana to not miss my plane on Monday morning to Panama and Trinidad. On Sunday afternoon the hurricane had passed, and all the running was for nothing. I should have trusted my instinct which said, it is o.k. nothing will happen on Sunday and stay by the pool in my lovely Hotel in a park opposite the Taller Cultural Workshop.

Afternoon of a Faun
41cm wax for Bronze


41cm wax for Bronze

Wax for bronze - River Goddess Oshun- back view
and Duniesky  on the left, working on detail elaboratings


River Goddess Oshun- front view


Wax for bronze- Blue God III




October 23, 2008

Sitting Oshun in the making



October 22, 2008

I finished Yemaya, cypress 180cm h

October 17, 2008

I am going to be in Cuba from October 28th until Nov.10th, working in Taller Cultural in Santiago de Cuba with Duniesky, who is back from Spain, thank God, and in the foundry in San Luis. Then I am one week in Tobago. On Nov. 20th I fly to London, sleep one night and reach Lagos Nigeria on Saturday the 22nd to visit Austrian Artist Susanne Wenger.

I have had the book on Susanne Wengers work by Gert Chesi  (1980) in Oshogbo Nigeria since the nineteen eighties, and wrote about her in my book Chachalaca.

A couple from Canada moved into my street, and they gave me a new DVD on Susanne Wenger, because the couple's cousin and sister live in Lagos and they are very good friends and supporters of Susanne Wenger and the artists of the New Sacred Arts movement in Oshogbo. They said, I should go and meet Susanne who is 93 now and frail. My mother in heaven also said, I should go, so I got the visa and the ticket and will get all the shots on Wednesday, and if I survive all of that, I will be in Nigeria for a week until Nov. 30th, then 2 days in London, and back to Tobago. More about all that, when I return.


September 29, 2008

Madonna and Child for Robert Las Heras, Mahogany 140 cm-
to be shipped to Trinidad

Shango, Cypress, 180cm high, first of Orisha sculptures completed

September 23, 2008

I have been collecting photos and text for my new book "Bolero" for several years.

Ilka Hilton-Clarke scanned all the early photos of my life, and helped me all along. The book is about my work, my life, my friends.

Stefan Falke has been photographing my work for 26 years.

Editor Jeremy Taylor of mep publishing in Trinidad,  has edited the text, José Limonta of Cuba did the design. Stefan took the latest photos in Cuba, and the book is being printed in China.





September 16, 2008
I repainted "Dance Theatre" for Peter Elias, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and "Red Skirt up" for Mr. Abraham.

Dance Theatre - front


Dance Theatre - back


Red Skirt Up - front

Red Skirt Up - back

September 15, 2008
Ryan, my helper, has been clearing the little river in the ravine for months, cutting fallen bamboo with the chain saw and burning great heaps of rubbish. Now the dogs and I can follow the river nearly up to Bethel, the sides of the banks are very steep, the rushing waters loud. Some of the dogs bathe and swim while the others dig and scuffle up the bank and up the big slabs of coral and black stone that come down from the hills of Bethel. There is a well further up, where Albert and I went in the early 1980s, to wash clothes, and where the backgrounds of my first big Albert reliefs come from. I find it so beautiful down there, it is my favourite place, although I am on high alert.


the big slabs coming down from the village


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