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September 16, 2008
I am working on Yemaya, lying down, Elegba, facing us, and Shango with the turtle on his back, Oshun is still to come.

Ryan helping to sand Madonna for Robert Las Heras

July 22, 2008
I went on a quick trip to Cuba to work with designer Limonta on the changes of my new book "Bolero" which is now with the publisher MEP in Trinidad.

July 6, 2008
I am back from my trip to Germany, getting ready to return to Cuba to work on my new book with the designer.

In the barn at 6 - 8° C Kronenburg Eifel June 08


At the bronze caster in Duesseldorf, Germany Juny 08.


After working 2 weeks in the forest, I visited former student and collegue sculptor Georg Wittwer, who now ownes lands as far as the eye can see and makes sculptures from found materials, he has geese, chickens, sheep, 2 dogs, a beautiful vegetable garden, and a supportive wife.

below: This is a hot water bath with 2 seats inside, for the winter, the land has a spring and he made the pond, which is full of fish

Georg Wittwer's vegetable garden in the Eifel, Germany


June 6, 2008
I shall be in Germany from 10th of June until 28th of June, working in Kronenburg Eifel, and visiting friends.

May 26, 2008


Le Dieu bleu, wax for bronze with El Chino, engineer and
bronze caster in the Foundry, Fundación Caguayo.

La Fundación Caguayo, where they make and cast all monumental sculptures in Cuba.
In the background the dismantled Monument for Wifredo Lamm by Lescay



April 9, 2008
I shall be in Cuba again from the 18th of May until the 28th of May to work on my new book on my Life and work called Bolero.  Fotographer Stefan Falke from N.Y. will join me to make the final decision on which fotos to use, with fantastic layouter- designer José Limonta.
Also, I have been invited to exhibit at the University of Stantiago de Cuba, Faculty of Humanities Dept. Communications, in May: tall drawings, 5 small reliefs of Cuban singers, and 7 excotic bronzes, which I made in Cuba from Wax.

4 April, 2008

Taller, Santiago de Cuba
The Garden of the Taller Culural in Santiago de Cuba, where I am working on sculpture with some of Cuba's top artists

Below are Waxes I prepared in Cuba for Bronzes

Firebird Wax for Bronze


ogun wax
Ogun Wax for Bronze

Faun Enmeshed- Wax for Bronze

Faun playing the 'flute
Frozen Wax for Bronze


Isidro, a sculptor, who is a prof. at the art school in Stg. de Cuba, who helped me this time with the wax, and will cast them in bronze for me.



March 11, 2008
I  will be in Cuba from 19th of March until the 2nd of April to do the design of my new book Bolero, and work on small sculpture for bronze. Morgan will take care of house and animals, and will open the Museum as usual on Sundays 10-2 pm.

February 22, 2008
Exhibition at 101 Art Gallery- March 4 - 13, 2008

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