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December 22, 2007
Below: the new pool, constructed by Roger Duncan, who also built my entire house over the years. The dogs, however, do not want to go in the water. I had visions of swimming with them. I find this the ultimate luxury: looking up into the sky while swimming, seeing the surrounding trees and the sculpture.












November 17, 2007
I am going down the gully with my eight dogs every afternoon around 4 p.m. in huge rubber boots which I stuffed with Birkenstock soles and double socks to stay on my feet when descending into the gully.
I have to pay full attention to the bamboo above, because  fire during the dry season was raging in the valley and burnt the bamboo patches, and the things below my feet, climb under bamboo, step over fallen branches, scramble up steep banks holding on to tall grass or the occasional tree, until we reach the top, where the dogs hop like rabbits in the grass, and then onto the golf course.

Going down towards the little river


The little river has water now
because it has been raining a lot recently


Now we go up a steep bank and reach the
top where the dogs hop around like rabbits


Then onto the Mt Irvine Golf Course


Mt Irvine Golf Course 

Back to my house

my house from the south side, coming up from the walk to my house



November 8, 2007

I came back from Cuba, the exhibition there will be on for another month.

I passed my Gold exam I.D.T. with "highly recommended"


At left:

The sculptor Dunieski worked with me for 7 days in the Taller Cultural, bringing his own wax, which stands up in the heat, and showing me how to work it. Together we developed 5 astonishing figures, coming closer to my expectations of surprising myself. 

In the background is Andres who is the custodian, he loves to work and helps Dunieski.











My latest sculptures in wax, Duniesky will cast them in bronze, I cannot imagine how he will do it.








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