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October 15, 2007

I painted the small bronzes and coppers and currently show some in a mixed exhibition at  in P.O.S.

I shall be in Santiago de Cuba from 23rd of Oct. until 4th of Nov. travelling via Jamaica this time, back here 7th of Nov.  I am taking the Latin Gold exam on the 20th of Oct., gave up alcohol completely since June of this year and started taking yoga classes at the Kariwak Village twice a week.











September 11, 2007

Castle and Octagon
Castle with new building, the Octagon, photographed from below

July 13, 2007
Report on my recent trip to Germany and Cuba

It was 6 degrees cold in the Forest in Germany and 8 degrees at midday.
I worked from 9 am till 9 pm, steadily chopping, too cold to sit down. On the fourth day I did not see the legs in the trunk, persistently looking for them while chopping, until Eifel Juergen said "You have no thighs left." He is going to cut into the trunk and add half of a new tree. I decided I had better work on more than one piece at a time when I am there on such a short, freezing, stint and will do heads only of 50 cm height from the big trees I still have lying in Kronenburg by the barn where we work. 

In Cuba the copper Jigs again did not show all the fine detail I had put into the wax; 3 mm added in copper on top of the wax and deformations, will not serve those types of shapes. So Jorge, Xiomara and I went 25 km inland to the big Foundry Cagua'yo, which  is in an old  Railway station, where they make the gigantic statues you see in Cuba and Venezuela and furthermore the whole base of the ground can rotate, so you can see the monument from all sides while working on it. I am most intrigued, and want to work there with the fine waxes that do not deform in the heat of the day. All day I am looking for ideas that do not lend themselves for wood.

Ceremony at Cpobre, Cuba
Top and Below: Ceremony at Cobre, Cuba
CXeremony at Cobre

Disused copper mines - Cobre, Cuba


Catching the spirit

This tall woman in the picture at left is about to fall into a violent trance or "catch the spirit" and fall back towards the wall behind on which a painting of Elegba, spirit of Paths Crossroads and Destinations has been painted.

The crowd screamed and rushed towards her. Xiomara and I left through a hole in the wall, we did not want to catch any spirit: when spirits of the Cimarron or others are that prevalent it may be possible for anyone present to catch a spirit.

They said afterwards, that massive spirit manifestations happened all evening in that enclosure, which used to play a role in the production of copper.



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