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June 13, 2007



Eight large sculptures


Luise Kimme is showing 8  tall sculptures and 4 reliefs at the National Museum, Port of Spain, Trinidad, from 13 to 24 June 2007


Golden Boy




June 12, 2007

Eifel workshop

From June 20th until June 30 Luise will be working in Germany for a few days on new sculpture at her work shop in Kronenburg, Eifel (forest near Belgian border).

From 1st of July until 9th of July she will be in Cuba, at the Festival del Caribe, Santiago de Cuba. 

Back in Tobago 10th of July, 2007.




April 5, 2007

finished octagon
Finishing touches


Inside the Octagon
Inside the Octagon.
All the furniture and fretwork is self-built.



February 23, 2007

Remember my new member of the household, Tomcat Mitzka? He  followed my friend Inga from the Golf course up to my house, during the time I was in Cuba last fall. Mizka took charge, and insisted on living here with all the dogs. After he "pawed" them a few times, they respected him and they now all live harmoniously together.

When Mitzka first came, he selected a large ceramic plate by Cuban sculptor Lewis and made it his "home". However, some time after he realized that the bed where the dogs sleep is much nicer and decided to join the dogs.

Mitzka on Lewis plate
Mitzka on Ceramic plate


Mitzka and Lola mi Lolota
Mitzka on bed with the dogs-
Lola Mi Lolita takes hold of Mitzka


Mitzka and Lola
But Mitzka grabs Lola around the neck and ....

Mitzka and Lola
........wrestles Lola down



February 8, 2007

I will be in Cuba from March 7th until March 14th, working in the Taller Cultural on small sculpture and taking dance classes and dancing. Yes!!!!

I am working at the moment on small relief's depicting the musicians I love of the 40ties and fifties of Cuba, concurrently listening to their songs, reading again about their lives, looking at their portraits, and dancing.
Above all, Sindo Garay, Rita Montaner, Benny More and others. I will show these and drawings of dancers in an exhibition with Montero, who will show sculpture, in the Taller Cultural in Santiago de Cuba in November of this year. 


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