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January 5, 2011

On Boxing day Josi from the Goat Dairy brought found puppy Patch, now clean and clever. It got adopted by Moses, himself a huge puppy

Patch, Moses and Kate

Moses, Tysson and Little Patch

Moses and "his" puppy, Patch


New Fretwork sculpture



November 15th, 2010

On my recent visit to Cuba (see below) Dunieski, Renee and I made 11 sculptures in 8 days for lost wax bronze casting, horses with dancer and dogs, Dunieski made the wax casts of the horses, Renee did the decoration saddles and feathers on the horses and I made the dancers on top.

Me and my sculpture




Copper sculpture by Montero:
life size  Miguel Matamoros, the famous Cuban musician










October 7, 2010

I will leave for  Cuba Monday 1st of Nov. coming back 12th of Nov.

September 21, 2010

Max and Katie




Moses playing with Shadow Dog


Katie and Moses


Max a female on the left and Katie on the right ( top left picture), they had become great buddies, and then I took Max to be spayed from which she did not return. Dunieski and I drew her in the sky; lovely Max with white eyelashes and the bottom teeth in front. I miss her. The same week I found Moses in the little river in the ravine, sitting under a stone in the water  screaming, my dogs standing all around. I picked him up and took him home, he now plays with Katie and Shadow dog.

Dunieski Lora, the sculptor from Cuba, left on the 7th of September. He made plaster molds of some horses, he also made plaster molds of two wooden heads of mine, and when he returns he will make molds of 4 big figures, saving me to ship the originals to Germany and back. He was the greatest most wonderful colleague I have ever had, he cleaned the garden, the roofs, the floors and made sculpture. It was fantastic.

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