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September 2, 2010

Dunieski Lora, sculptor from Santiago de Cuba,  making molds at my studio, we work all day until 10 in the evening, and a lot of things get done, he is the ideal assistant. he casts all my small bronzes in Cuba in his small foundry. Plus he does his own wonderful work.

Dunieski Lora

Me, photo taken same night

and two of my doggies


August 13, 2020

Dunieski  Lora arrived in Tobago 11th of August, to help me and work on his own sculpture and painting.
Here he is repainting the outlines of my murals.

July 10, 2010  I am back in Tobago

June 29, 2010

Bronze of Shango by me at the Duesseldorf Bronze caster (left), right, a sculpture by Markus Lüpertz "Prometheus".


Helper at Schmaeke foundry working alongside with me on my waxes for bronze

My favourite house called  "Die Keaseglocke" in Worpswede, near Bremen, built in 1926  by Edwin Koenemann



June 4, 2010
I will be in Cuba for the Festival de Caribe from the 3rd of July until the 9th of July.


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