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June 4, 2010
I will be in Cuba for the Festival de Caribe from the 3rd of July until the 9th of July.

May 20, 2010
I came back one week earlier than planned and am back in Tobago.


I will be in in Germany from May 5th until May 26th, 2010

"7 escultores"
March 4, 2010



Duniesky, bronze



Xiomara, ceramics

Luise Kimme, bronzes

Luise Kimme, bronzes


I saw our exhibition of 7 Sculptors in Santiago de Cuba on the last day.They had dedicated the exhibition to me, because I could not be there on time due to illness, and my sponsoring of the folder and later on of the book which in the end will have to be printed in Trinidad, published by Kimme Museum


Frank Pais Garcia, 3m high bronze statue, overlooking the Bay of Santiago de Cuba, the Sierra Maestra in the Background.  He was 22 when he was shot dead in the street by Batista's policeforce. We went to his house, which is a little museum with his shirts and his mother's piano; all the rooms in a row opening to a long yard. A very touching experience. Duniesky, artist and bronze caster, may have to do a copy of the 3m Fank Pais Garcia, which we went to see, overlooking the bay. 

All of Santiago came out on the streets to bury their hero.

Frank Pais Garcia (click on link for more information) ( Dec.7. 1934-July 30. 1957) Was a revolucionary who campaigned for the overthrow of General Fulgencio Batista's government in Cuba. Pais was the urban coordianator of the 26th of July movement, and was the key organizer  within the urban ground movement, collaborating with Fidel Castro's guerilla forces, which were conducting activities in the Sierra Maestra mountains. Pais was killed in the streets of Stg. de Cuba by the Police.


12 March 2010

I will be in Cuba from March 30 - April 11, 2010.


11 March 2010

Katibell, arrived yesterday, one year old, plays non stop with  baby Max who is of the same colour.
katibell is a found dog nourished and spayed by the Kellys, who have to return to the U.S. All is well so far, thank God

7 March 2010


6  March 2010

The exhibition "7 sculptors" opened  on the 4th of March in Galeria Oriente, Parque Cespedes, Santiago de Cuba
Unfortuantely I was not able to fly due to an illness, which subsided now, and I will be in Cuba from the 30th of March until the 8th of April.
The catalogue and the book "7 escultores de Santiago de Cuba" was sponsored by the Kimme Museum.

I would have liked to see the show, because for once the walls are empty, no reliefs, no paintings no drawings either, just pure three dimensional sculptures in different materials, ceramic, metal, bronze, by six of the sculptores oft Taller Cultural, and myself. Hopefully the show will travel to Havana. These artists show all the time, they are highly experiences in putting up a show, but I so would have liked to see it, and of course being seen.  

Opening 7 sculptors

Opening 7 sculptors- some of my sculptures


7 January 2010

Max, the puppy I found on my road before Xmas
Max, a female, growls and barks at everything with survivor of the poisoning Smoke.

Shadow dog (see below) , the new dog from the shelter plays with the puppy all the time, the pack accepted her easily because she resembles the motherdog Shadow who died of old age this year.



18 November 2009

The new dog, named "Shadow dog", from the Shelter, perky, barks, and runs around happily, does not like the cat, I am working on that.

Wednesday afternoon, 21 October, 2009

I went for a walk on the Golfcourse with my dogs, they ran over to the big Samaan tree and ate something I thought coconut as usual. On turning in to go home, I looked for my dogs, turned around and stared into the horrified eyes of Zazza foaming profusely from the mouth, and on my left stood, barely holding up, Lola trembling. I ran up the hill down the hill up the hill home, fetched mud water and the big syringe, ran back found Lola on the flat hill barely breathing, ran down onto the golfcourse: there was Zazza lying in spasms, I pumped the mud water into her, called the neighbour, we took her home, I went back with the neighbour, Lola was stiff already, I carried her into the bushes.

Zazza died after an hour of horrible spasms, I called another neighbour, we dug a shallow grave, then I noticed that Smokey too was missing. O God. At 7 o clock I saw a shadow moving by the gate, it was Smokey who had dragged herself up , down and up the hills to get home, she was completely wet and covered in mudd, she had lain down in a mudd puddle on the path coming from the Golf course, drinking the mudd water which saved her, she was not well, ate a bit. The next day nothing, just threw herself into some corner.  I took her to see the vet at the Shelter, he gave her antidotes into her vein and into the muscles. After taking her home so ill, I decided to return her to the Shelter boarding, and to put her down, if she did not recover. I had to leave for Cuba, where after a couple of days an email reached me, she is alive and recovering. Not for sure said the vet, she vomited some green stuff, and it seemed to have been Gramoxone taken with sardines which overpower the smell of the poison, which stays in the body to kill the inner organs slowly. So far she is well and normal. I could not sleep the nights in Cuba, recurring came these frightened eyes of Lola and Zazza, and what I should have done and did not: pick up the dogs and run to the next pool, which was quite close by, wash their mouths and shovel mud and dirt into them, I might have saved Zazza and Lola. Might have, but it was not to be. I was stunned and numb, until Duniesky took me to a Babalao, an African Orisha Priest, who questioned the oracle and I had to put my requests silently, and he said, do you want peace? I said, yes, the murderer is known to hate dogs, because they attack and kill his sheep and he puts poison on the golf course, where he keeps his sheep on the little hill by the big Samaan tree, does he own the Golf course?  Well I had wanted to change him into a dog, the oracle said no, but yes to peace and protection, I got some jars and containers which the BABALAO prepared for me the next day with instructions and we are well. He even wrote to me asking if everything is alright. Thank you so much, I feel much better. I buried Lola the following day after the murder, pulled her down into the valley and dug a hole in soft ground, put her in and a log on top, I have not dared to go there since. Ryan, my gardener, came late that same night a bit drunk and dug a proper hole on the bank by my house and I put Zazza into it. Ninja kept looking for Lola every morning on the sofa where she used to lie.


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