Dunieski Lora Pileta


Dunieski Lora Pileta is a top Cuban fine artist and sculptor who divides his time between Santiago de Cuba and Tobago. He has always been motivated to do art and became completely dedicated to it as a high school student.

Dunieski was given a plot of land by the Taller Cultural in Santiago de Cuba where he built an art work shop that can be used by the local art community and where he teaches  his craft. It was there that Luise Kimme worked with him on small bronze sculpture.

Dunieski uses any kind of materials to create his sculptures:  from bronze to wood, from the so-called “poor” materials to the” rich”. In Cuba art materials are either very expensive or not available, so Dunieski has to become even more creative to use what he sees around  him to produce his sculptures. His main themes are insular, popular and religious. He makes use of typical Cuban symbols in his work, such as the pig and  the cow, which represent certain social statements. Dunieski does not limit himself to any particular style; his works range from the abstract to hyper realism.

His work can be seen in many places in and outside of Santiago de Cuba, such as schools, hospitals and clinics, as well as in the city of Gandia in Spain.

Before Luise Kimme died in 2013 she appointed Dunieski as her artistic successor. He built a kiln  at the Museum Institute where he casts bronzes, his own work and also copies made from molds from Luise's sculptures.

Dunieski divides his time between Tobago and Cuba.